music, madness and magic

hello website wanderers, here is an update and some news about my next show.


last year i was part of some mental health events, which was unexpectedly whole some . . .

first the spike milligan ‘bright side of life’ festival, in a bright blue pub in sligo


then in the lyric theatre for ‘bounce’ arts and disability festival


and for the ‘world mental health day’ showcase in the husdon bar belfast


the above photo was taken during amazing applause just as someone shouted ‘crazy bitch’

~ and that is the magic of bringing your music and your madness on to the stage


here is a wee magic window into last september’s album show, which was another miracle

magic moments are one part of the picture.  another part is the times last year when i had to cancel a show and an interview because of bipolar symptoms.

the show was for record store day in ‘sick records’ belfast, and i did of course wonder if they had been called ‘stable and functioning records’ would i have been able to play that day ?

but lo and behold there was magic even then, when the record store manager’s response to my late cancellation was so thoughtful, reassuring and kind.

i feel that being an artist with bipolar doesn’t make me inspirational, it makes me vulnerable.

i have been asked to play and talk about mental health at the help musicians n.i. ‘day of rest’ next month and i’m looking forward to it,

but my priority as someone with bipolar is not to impress or inspire others but to take care of myself before, during and after the show.

i plan to do so, and to enjoy sharing my songs and thoughts, though i’m not sure exactly what i will say. . .

but as this is the longest web post i have done, it seems i do have something to say about music and mental health (‘give pills a chance’) ?

the show is part of the ‘sound of the city’ festival in the oh yeah centre.  perhaps i will see you there:

sunday 6 november, 3pm-4pm, oh yeah centre, belfast £free



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