born on ‘first cuckoo day’ catherine started life as a bookworm and wove a cocoon of creative endeavour about her, emerging as a song writer and flying north to ireland where she is currently nesting.

. . .

my recent album ‘sea star‘ is a handful of songs, sounds and improv from 2010-2013 about all sorts of loss.

this includes recordings made inside a sea cave, which are a preview to a larger project i am working on around this cave.

my previous album ‘lost and found‘ is a nine song story, self produced with musical friends on cello, harp, violin and double bass.

several tracks from this album have been played on BBC and independent radio, and the first and last track were chosen to soundtrack a BBC TV documentary ‘love in a day’.

in 2014 i released my debut ‘sweetcorn‘ and opened for diane cluck (u.s.), raising holy sparks (ireland), sharron kraus (england) and local artists pat dam smyth and (poet) sinead morrissey

. . .

i have also co-written two touring productions for children, ‘down in the garden’ for sticky fingers and ‘the butterfly and caterpillar’ for young at art

previous to this i released a small yellow book of words and pictures ‘hop in(to the funshine)’ with lapwing press, launching the limited run of hand-bound books in dublin with poetry ireland, and exhibiting the paintings in belfast.

. . .

i record at home, in a house at the bottom of a hill between the rowan, the wild rose and the elder tree, where the bluebells and wild violets grow

. . .

sweetcorn‘ was released 1 august 2014:

‘curious, weird and wonderful’ ~ bbc across the line

‘magical, she has a unique style’ ~ tuning into the obscure

lost and found‘ on 1 may 2015:

‘a fine balance between artistry and folk’ ~ unsigned and independent magazine

‘raw and unvarnished but absolutely beautiful’ ~ bbc across the line

and ‘sea star‘ on 1 february 2017

. . .

all albums are now widely available to download and stream online ~ CDs can be bought from bandcamp and music news / updates on twitter and face book


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