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“Beautiful and haunting” ~ David Tibet of Current 93

“Refracting folk idioms through an inimitably singular worldview and style.” ~ Iain Gray

“Track of the Day [green shoes] Ridiculously dinky and cute.  A particularly likable stand out from her recent album ‘Sweetcorn'” ~ BBC Across the Line

‘Whimsical, imaginative … a fine balance between artistry and folk.  This draws light Kate Bush comparisons, eccentric and wondrous’ ~ Unsigned and Independent Magazine review ‘lost and found’

“The star turn of the night” ~ Sean Kelly CQAF

‘Raw and unvarnished but absolutely beautiful.  There’s obviously a lot of herself in her music, it sounds a bit like Joanna Newsom’ ~ BBC Across the Line discuss ‘broke

“From Belfast comes this magical little album.  Recorded some time ago but just released, this folky marvel is unique and yet reminds me of bits of Loreena McKennitt and Outside the Museum.  That in itself is an interesting cross so trust me when I say this is a must-hear album.” (4.9 out of 5) ~ Tuning into the Obscure review sweetcorn

“Barrat-esque Catherine Hatt is a singer songwriter with a dippy hippy trip, and dependably brought spinning tunes of twirling the room from blue guitar and good dress.  Gentle, elaborate, stealth profound” ~

“Very, very curious, Catherine Hatt is weird and wonderful and rather sweet.  It is very engaging and I love her voice” ~ BBC Across the Line

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